What the “FaceApp” phenomenon tells us about today’s dental patients

There can’t be many of you who haven’t succumbed in recent days to the opportunity of a sneaky peek at what you might look like when you are older.

I suspect that, like me, you are less than enamoured with the results but the developers have a viral success on their hands.

This may be a one-hit wonder app but it tells us what we need to know about many of your dental patients:

  • they are all self-conscious when it comes to their appearance – maybe even a little narcissistic;
  • smartphone photography has created a world in which their images have greater reach than ever before;
  • in spite of dozens of self-help books, they remain concerned about what they look like on the outside;
  • more people (especially the older demographics) have more money to invest than at any time in recent history;
  • they are investing in health, beauty and appearance.

The role of photography and videography in dental practice marketing and new patient conversion grows.

FaceApp has succeeded by allowing users a visualisation of their possible distant future.

Dental photography and videography can help patients (with all the appropriate caveats and consents) to see a glimpse of their potential near future.

To quote a patient from Helens Bay Dental Practice in Northern Ireland (whose new video testimonial we watched last Friday) – “I really appreciated being able to take my new smile for a test drive at the start of my patient journey.”

Whether it’s the simplest of smartphone apps or the sophistication of Digital Smile Design – photographic simulation is a game-changer.

Let me tell you, if I could show my potential clients a video of their businesses and their lives 2 years after working with me – I’d have a full practice forever.

As for me in another 25 years – well, let’s wait and see shall we?



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Chris Barrow

Chris Barrow has been active as a consultant, trainer and coach to the UK dental profession for over 20 years. As a writer, his blog enjoys a strong following and he is a regular contributor to the dental press. Naturally direct, assertive and determined, he has the ability to reach conclusions quickly, as well as the sharp reflexes and lightness of touch to innovate, change tack and push boundaries. In 2014 he appeared as a “castaway” in the first season of the popular reality TV show “The Island with Bear Grylls”. His main professional focus is as Coach Barrow, providing coaching and mentorship to independent dentistry.

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  1. You look GREAT! You’ve got to wonder what the FaceApp app’s business model is? I looked for reasons to keep my subscription going and couldn’t find any so promptly cancelled. They can’t be cynically relying on a good percentage of people forgetting….can they?

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