Webinars and Center Parcs

I enjoyed my second VERY positive experience in a week with Holiday Inn last night – this time in Cambridge.
Arriving here from Manchester for my evening webinar with Dental Channel TV, I was horrified to find that my web cam and mike had expired since they were last used – no idea why.
The hotel manager, Guiseppe, made my plight his personal business for the next 2 hours and, after a frantic drive to Staples, I managed to get myself hooked up and on-line with literally 2 minutes to spare at 8.00pm last night.
Its been a few months since my last web cast for Andrew Gould and I was surprised and delighted to find nearly 30 dentists on-line, web cams and headsets attached and glasses of Sauvignon Blanc at the ready – to listen to me for 30 minutes on “leadership” and then a further hour of challenging and intelligent questions.
If you are not familiar with web casting, take a look around Andrew’s site here – its a fantastic way to get CPD and enjoy stimulating clinical and business conversation – from the comfort of your own den!
And a second cry of “cheers” for Holiday Inn.
Moving on – a change of perspective for the next 2 days as I leave for Center Parcs in Suffolk shortly, there to invest the next 2 days with the East of England Deanery and a VT conference where my agenda with 60+ delegates and their tutors will be:

Session 1 — Career and Personal Planning


·         Determining how effective you are right now

·         Constructing a 3-year vision for your life and career;

·         Establishing a 12-month plan of action

·         Committing to 90-day goals


Learning outcomes


·         To make VDP’s aware of the importance of future planning

·         To increase understanding of planning techniques

·         To develop a draft personal and business plan during the session


Session 2 — Marketing for beginners


·         Understanding what marketing isn’t

·         The reservoir principle

·         Internal marketing systems in dentistry

·         External marketing systems in dentistry


Learning outcomes


·         To establish the definition of marketing in 21st Century UK dentistry

·         To explain why marketing is a constant essential in all practices

·         To understand the principles of and techniques for both internal and external marketing

I am reliably informed that there will be no broadband access at the venue (they still have dial-up – how quaint) so I am not sure whether my 3G datacard will function.

I could be without internet access for 48 hours!

We’ll be hunting rabbits and cooking them by the camp fire.

If I’m not back by Monday – send help.



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