Mastermind Groups and Adventures

Mastermind Groups

Firstly, I want to thank the 100 or so people who responded to my Survey Monkey questions last week around the possibility of re-introducing Mastermind Groups as part of my 2018 product mix.

The answers to individual questions contained a few surprises for me and I’ll be sharing the detailed results in a post later this quarter.

I’m feeling as if I have had a green light from my audience to progress further with this idea and my mind is now very active with ideas to make the groups of as high a value as possible.

More on Mastermind towards the end of the first quarter, with a view to kicking off new groups in January 2018.

My existing clients responded to a separate survey, indicating that they would also benefit from the Mastermind environment – and the majority asked to make a start in July this year – so as soon as Phillippa and I get back from our travels, we will be devoting our attention to that objective.

Gone Sailing/Trekking

The Coach Barrow blog will be on vacation from 17:00 this evening until 3rd February as I begin the first of two remarkable personal experiences.

In fact, I’ll be “off the grid” for 5 of the next 6 weeks and I want to take this opportunity to thank my team and my clients for supporting and accommodating such an extended leave of absence.

The first trip will be sailing a 45 foot catamaran in the British Virgin Islands, a trip that will include some special events that I’m hoping to share with you pictorially on social media.

The second trip (of which more at the end of the month) will be a 3-week expedition into the hinterland of Oman, a real test of skill and endurance for the 7 people taking part.

When I completed “that” Bear Grylls experience (3-years ago next month) I pledged to myself that I would plan extended sabbaticals in the calendar to explore the outside world and my inner self. From that decision there has been a cascade of positive repercussions, including my decision to commit myself to freelancing (and avoid entrepreneurial seizures), a de-materialisation of my life (needing fewer things) and a careful organisation of my calendar.

I’ll be back for a week on 3rd February and back full time from 6th March.

Until then – stay safe.


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