Making the decision to “up your game” and getting the help you need to do that

I’ve recently taken possession of the Full Focus Planner system created by personal development coach Michael Hyatt.

You can see and read all about it here:

This post isn’t an advert for the system – I’m not getting paid any introducer’s fees or commissions.

It’s just an indication of the benefits I’m getting personally from “upping” my game as far as business and personal development is concerned.

Readers of this blog will know that last Friday was a full day with my business coach Rachel Turner.

It was a game-changer.

I entered the coaching zone with a plan for a new service to clients that has been buzzing around in my head for the last 6 months and yet I’ve made very little progress with the idea.

On closer examination it became clear that this lack of progress was directly as a result of the fact that the idea didn’t actually engage with my unique abilities.

I was trying to do something that didn’t come naturally.

So – Rachel simply asked me (at 09:30) what would be effortless and in my zone – what would I look forward to doing?

At 09:35 I had my answer – we pivoted after 35 minutes and invested most of the day in designing a completely new solution about which I’m excited and motivated.

The work now begins.

Back to my Full Focus Planner.

Yes – it’s an analogue system (a book and a pencil).

The objective (no big surprise, given the title) will be to keep me focused, not just on my business development but also on the personal side as well.

The Planner also benefits from a series of video tutorials showing me how to get the best from the system.

I feel the need to pay more attention to my nutrition, fitness, sleep and general well-being as my challenging 65th year of business, life, marathons and bike rides unfolds.

The Coach and The Planner.

The Full Focus Planner will become my constant companion from a week today – a self-coaching mechanism to add to the excellent work done I’m doing with Rachel.

Is it time for you to up your game?


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Chris Barrow

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