I’m asking for help.

I may not have shouted loud enough.HELP

I want some help from you on discovering what we think the UAP’s would be in dentistry (see previous posts).

I’ve given you a top 10 list of outcomes that a dentist delivers to a patient.

The help I need is in designing a series of processes that would encapsulate those outcomes.

Obvious first port of call is:

The Complete Smile Makeover (c)

That would be a process that could involve anything from tooth whitening to dental implants – the technical stuff isn’t important – I want to get away from the technical stuff – and could be trademarked or copyrighted (is that a word?) by the host so that the process became exclusive to patients of that practice.

I suppose another way to achieve that would be to look at involving the practice name in the title.

Just as we have Breathe Team Training (c).

Perhaps you could have a dental practice called The Falmouth Dental Clinic – and then a process called The Falmouth Smile Makeover (c).

This, of course, applies to any business.

The Falmouth Back-Pain Relief Process (c) – lousy title but you see what I mean.

The Falmouth Happy Pet Plan (c).

The Falmouth Tasty Dresser (c).

The Falmouth Diet (c).

It’s about the process and not about the commodity.

Can somebody out there help me please?

I want to co-discover a short list of dental outcomes that can be UAP’ed.

Here – by the way – is a dental practice who are definitely thinking outside of that metaphorical box.

Wonderful concept from Marcos White and his team.Canbase.jpg

The UAP here is that he is advertising membership of his practice – pay a monthly subscription to receive ongoing dental care and a discount on cosmetic dentistry.

£3.24 a week to look good and feel good – sounds like a bargain.

Dentistry in a can – who ever saw that before?


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