What would you do?

I’m hoping to get back to Altrincham from the North East tonight (by train) – tomorrow I am due to travel from there to Cornwall for the weekend – due in London next Tuesday.

  • dig car out of apartment in Altrincham and attempt to drive M3 to Falmouth – more snow predicted, M3 not built for snow
  • Fly Manchester to Newquay and back – early start on Friday and Monday – difficult trip from Falmouth to Newquay on Monday – Air South West unpredictable – journey from Falmouth to Newquay a hassle
  • Train Manchester to Truro and back. Truro 10 miles from home and either a branch line train – or the lovely Anneliese – to get me home. Train journey approx. 7 hours each way – time to get work done in comfort – wifi on the train – emails, ezines, projects, preparation

I think that’s a pretty obvious choice – don’t you?

Next question:

  • First class ticket £326 return
  • Second class ticket £137 return

Oh – and by the way

  • Flight £200 return
  • Petrol in M3 approx £170 return

My “abundance” angel says “take a first class train ticket and look upon it as a serviced office at £160 per day – you will do your best work in comfort”

My “scarcity” devil says “£326 – you must be mad – you are going on holiday later this month and should be watching the pennies”.

Please discuss.


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Chris Barrow

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