Two Reds Are Better Than One Season 3 Episode 2 – Making an IMPACT in 2019 – Success Tactics of a Global Inspirational Speaker – PART 2

Nigel Risner is a world renowned international speaker who conducts over 100 presentations a year, all over the world. He is the author of five business books. His most popular book The Impact Code is all about creating the life that you deserve. You will warm to Nigel and I can promise after you have listened to these podcasts you will have a page of notes and a long to-do list. 

In this two-part podcast you will discover:

  • Nigel’s definition of Leadership
  • What people go to work for and how to find out what motivates them
  • The importance of being in the room if you are in the room
  • How to meet the needs of Millennials and keep them motivated
  • The importance of saying no and how to feel good about it
  • How to put new life into your routine and enjoy life so much more
  • The importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle 
  • The four questions that you need to ask to have your best year ever
  • How to raise your self esteem and self confidence 
  • That if you want to achieve your goals and dreams, you need to let go of the past.

And much more…

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Episode Length: 33 minutes 38 seconds

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