Two more winners with the Dental Business Club

I’m pleased to announce two more winners from the DBC/Coach Barrow website monthly prize draw.
December DBC Prizewinner: Three months of DBC digital coaching worth £750
Mubbasher Khanzanda, Welltime, Macclesfield
Where are you based?
I am based in Macclesfield (near Manchester), however we have presence in London and Glasgow. I am a technology entrepreneur, running an IT company providing solutions to the dental sector. Some of my key understanding about creating brilliant solutions to improve customer relationships comes from studying Chris’ ezine and blogs. He has a way of making things look simple, clear and achievable.
How did you first come across the Dental Business Club website?
A few years ago, one of his blog entries was forwarded to me. Since then I’ve been hooked. When DBC was formed, I was delighted to know that we could benefit from the key insights from Chris, a visionary business leader and, dare I say, a clairvoyant; therefore I readily joined the mailing list. I got to know more about Chris Barrow’s ideas from his original website / ezine and blogs and then hearing him speak and through our meetings. Chris has a sharp focus on quality of service and value of experience (I love his ‘Branded Experiences’ philosophy and it remains at the heart of some of our solutions, creating brilliant practice- patient relationships).
What do you enjoy most about your work?
I feel that the dentists’ work is very important, especially as it fixes (usually very painful) problems for patients, and especially the way in which a good dentist can make patients feel comfortable with what could be a bit of painful treatment. I like the way improved teeth and smiles can increase people’s confidence and perception about themselves, thereby changing their lives for the better. From work perspective, I find it very exciting to come up with practical solutions to  the challenge of changing and improving patient’s perceptions about dental treatments (i.e. most treatments are not painful anymore due to advances in technology, and the whole experience can be organized to be hassle-free and rewarding). It’s also interesting to come up with practical and workable solutions that help practices achieve better customer relationships, sustainable revenue generation and making operations more efficient.
DBC November winner: iPod Shuffle
Samintharaj Kumar, Care Dental, Hounslow
Where are you based?
My practices are based in Hounslow.
Where did you study dentistry?
For how many years have you been practising dentistry?
10 years
How did you first come across the Dental Business Club website?
While browsing Krishan Joshi’s website – Dental Focus.
What do you enjoy most about dentistry?
I enjoy treating complex rehabilitation cases especially those requiring advanced implantology. Purely because the satisfaction gained at the end of treating the patient is simply summarised as an awesome smile!


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