Dr. Gina Vega

Ashley and I were delighted to catch up recently with Gina Vega, Principal of Bishopsgate Dental Care.

Here’s how Gina introduced herself in my Kindle e-book The Female Principal back in 2016:

“When I was eight years old, back in Mexico, I decided that I wanted to be a dentist. Don’t ask me why I just knew it! So 14 years later I qualified as a Dental Surgeon in Mexico.

Armed with a great profession and after practicing in Mexico City for three years I moved to London in 2001. Whilst I re-qualified through the IQE I worked as a dental nurse, where I learned about dentistry in the UK, and how important was to work with a nice and fair dentist. I re-qualified in 2004 and started working in an NHS-Private practice.

My last job as an Associate was in a lovely private practice located 3 minutes away from home. It was the perfect job and I was happily enjoying my life as a part-time dentist and a mum.

So what on earth made me change that stress-free life for my hectic and complicated life of now? 

I wanted to do the dentistry I love and when I saw Bishopsgate Dental Care for the first time, I fell in love with it!”

Today, Gina shares with her the story of how she turned a near-bankrupt practice into a roaring success in possibly the most competitive square mile of the UK – The City of London.Share with her the mountains, valleys, and missiles of practice ownership and learn why she has triumphed over the obstacles and challenges that we all face.

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Episode Length: 35 minutes 47 seconds

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