The Barista from Olympia – need a new team member? Look no further.

If you either work in London or know anybody who does – and you/they are looking for a 100% enthusiastic addition to your team – read on.

Many is the time I have suggested to clients that they “recruit The Barista” when seeking new non-clinical team players.

I’ve shared with you stories of me asking waiters in pubs and restaurants whether they would agree to an interview whilst I’ve had my client sat beside me.

A couple of weekends ago I attended The London Dentistry Show in Olympia.

In between sessions I had to occasion on Friday to walk over to a nearby coffee station and ask for an Americano.

Friday’s customer service experience would have normally been forgettable – the usual indifferent Millennial for whom 17:00 couldn’t have come quickly enough.

Saturday morning at the same coffee station, I was greeted by a huge smile, a “good morning, what can I get for you?” and 2 minutes of bants as my Barista offered chocolate brownies (no thanks), flapjacks (no thanks) or other pastries (no thanks).

“OK – well at least I have to try an upsell.” he said, with a big grin.

I asked him for a pen and paper (in fact, a brown paper bag) and wrote down my name and email address.

“Contact me”. I asked “and I’ll see if I can find you a better job. Somebody with your personality deserves better and you would make a great front desk team member in a dental practice. Where do you live?”

“North London” he replied.

Of course, nine times out of ten you would expect nothing more to happen – but his email arrived yesterday with a CV.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I present Olympia’s brightest Barista – Mr. Hamed Nouri.

If you read the CV, you will see he also has the priceless attribute of a history of achievement outside of academic studies and work.

Hamed makes things happen and he has the personality of an outbreak of sunshine on an otherwise grey day.

So – if you are in London and looking for a needle in a haystack – or if you know of anyone who might be – dentist or not – please do me and Hamed and favour and pass this post forward.

I’d genuinely love to get an email from Hamed in a few months time, celebrating his new position – but the dice in this game of chance now roll towards you.

Can you help a bright young man to secure a better future – and in so doing, enhance your own team?

CV Hamed N Nouri

Read the CV and then drop Hamed an email to





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Chris Barrow

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