The 100% Growth System – Part 7

Digital Treatment Planning
You want your business to grow 100%.
To do that, you are going to have to embrace INNOVATION – and I’ll define that as embracing ideas that most people will shun because they see too much hard work and no guarantee of return.
It’s the INNOVATORS who make the real progress.
We have looked at a lot of innovative ideas so far in this series.
Which brings me to Digital Treatment Planning.
You would have been living in cave if you hadn’t heard of or seen the concept in the last 12 months.
I’ve written extensively about DTxP (as I’m going to call it).
I’ve spoken at 3 separate DTxP training courses in the last 12 months:
Luxembourg with the lovely Violeta Claus from the Violife Academy and Livio Yoshinaga and the DSD team from Brazil.
Amsterdam with the talented Quoc An Nguyen from the Ardent Academy and the amazing Florin Cofar and Teodora Motorca from Dentcof in Romania.
Stockton on Tees with The Smile Spa team and Elaine Halley and Gary Jenkinson, who are building a series of DTxP courses in the UK.
DTxP is a wonderful addition to the patient experience of treatment planning and the software being developed around the concept is truly impressive.
Tactic #9 – get trained and adept with Digital Treatment Planning
I’m not here as an advocate of any of the current course providers and 7connections doesn’t have a commercial relationship with any of them.
I speak for free at their conferences because it is good marketing for us and because I like to hang out with people who have a bigger future.
But what I do know is that INNOVATORS in dentistry who are taking the DTxP concept on board are increasing their case acceptance rate and increasing the average value of the treatment sold. They are also creating happy patients who are ambassadors for the experience and the results, an unpaid sales force for your practice.
I’ve shown plenty of videos that demonstrate the principle of DtXP as seen from the patient’s perspective – what follows is one of my personal favourites – because it is simple, brief and uses a metaphor to make an important point – that DTxP is the crossroads of science and art in smile design.
To grow your business by 100% you simply must research and familiarise yourself with DTxP.
Summary so far of The 100% Growth System
Tactic #1 – hold accountability meetings face to face with your SEO, Digital and Direct Marketing providers EVERY MONTH AND PREFERABLY FACE TO FACE and ask them the golden question.

Tactic #2 – lead your team in actively asking for emails, social connections, testimonials, referrals and networking invitations
Tactic #3 – The Lifecycle Marketing Workflow
Tactic #4- Create White Paper downloads on your web site for all of the major treatment modalities that you wish to broadcast
Tactic #5 – Embed White Paper offers into your existing email newsletters
Tactic #6 – complete internal web forms for all new patient enquiries and up-sales to existing patients
Tactic #7 – Create reactivation sequences for dormant treatment plans.
Tactic #8 – create a CRM software-based recall system that encourages up-sales and referrals
Tactic #9 – get trained and adept with Digital Treatment Planning


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