The 100% Growth System – Part 2

Part 2 – The Lifecycle Marketing Workflow
Part 2 of The 100% Growth System involves you downloading a PDF file which you can then print off and use as a guide for the rest of the series.
I’m going to say some things about the workflow in the rest of this article and so you may want to download it now and come back when you have a copy in front of you?
OK – ready?
Point 1 – Don’t be overwhelmed
There is a lot of information here and, in the rest of this series, I’m going to hand-hold you through the steps in the workflow.
All you need to do is hold on tight and we are going to take this together, one simple footstep at a time.
The benefit to you is that, by the end of our journey, you will have a COMPLETE understanding of (and permanent guide to) growing your business by 100%.
Point 2 – the difference between orange ellipses and red hexagons
Orange ellipses = things that you and your team MUST DO.
Red hexagons = things that MUST BE AUTOMATED to work 24/7/365, whilst you sleep, do dentistry, watch a movie or go on vacation.
Point 3 – 100% growth happens when the people and the systems work together
The choreography of the ellipses and the hexagons will be the secret that gets you ahead of the game.
Yes – I’m going to ask you and I to become the dance masters of your dental practice growth.
Point 4 – The first post in this series covered the first column of ellipses and hexagons on the workflow
If you read the first post, you will see that I’ve started the ball rolling by looking at tactics to generate 100% growth in the quality of traffic to your web site.
Point 5 – our existing clients use the workflow to monitor their progress
We have been developing this workflow with our existing clients over the last year.
Let me tell you that the workflow has been tested in the trenches of daily practice life and has been through many iterations to get to the finished product – there has been lots of helpful feedback from practice owners and their teams.
if you click through to download the workflow and on to watch my short introductory video, we share with you some of their astonishing results.
Tactics so far:
Tactic #1 – hold accountability meetings face to face with your SEO, Digital and Direct Marketing providers EVERY MONTH AND PREFERABLY FACE TO FACE and ask them the golden question.

Tactic #2 – lead your team in actively asking for emails, social connections, testimonials, referrals and networking invitations
Tactic #3 – The Lifecycle Marketing Workflow
In the next episode I’ll be taking a look at how to increase the traction at your web site by 100%.
I’ll be reviewing the key elements of a web site that earns its money, day in and day out and you will be able to compare what you are doing right now with what you need to do to turn your web site into a lead magnet for new patients.


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