Stolen shoes

The issue is not so much that a new pair of £100 Adidas trainers has gone – I’m in a position that I can replace them today.
Its the violation that occurs when a person willingly takes what is clearly the property of another.
The challenge is that my apartment here is in a gated community – there is a security gate both to the main entrance and also the block in which I occupy the top floor – so the culprit must have had access to both.
Last night at 23:00 I had to go and knock on the door of the apartment below to ask for the noise to be toned down – the single guy down there is capable of having some loud guests around every now and then – he’s an amateur musician and quite fancies himself on Guitar Hero when he is drunk.
His rendition of Wonderwall in the early hours can be very amusing except when you live above.
They all arrived back at about 10:45 and it didn’t take long before the combination of guitars, very bad singing and house music were unacceptable.
As has happened maybe three times in the last year (bear in mind I stay here an average of 4 nights a month), I rang the bell, he opened the door looking much the worse for wear – BUT – immediately apologised and did turn the sound down.
The disturbance was completely gone after a further half hour and I suspect “they” just went somewhere else to party.
My attitude and communication skills were very calm and respectful – he knows he is in the wrong because the neighbours above (me), below and to the side are much older.
After yesterday’s run in the rain, I left my trainers at the door to dry out and avoid messing up the carpet.
I’m pretty sure that when I got back from my curry last night, they were there.
This morning – vanished.
Gated entrance.
Secure door to our block requiring access code.
What conclusions would Sherlock draw?
I’ve been down to number 9 this morning and got him out of bed.
He swears that he knows nothing – and also that the kind of friends he has around would never dream of stealing stuff.
I believe he is being genuine.
And here’s a thing – outside the door of number 7 (also the floor below and directly opposite number 9) there are 2 pairs of running shoes untouched.
Now what does Sherlock do?

  1. I’m having a senior moment and they will show up somewhere in my apartment
  2. He doesn’t know his friends too well
  3. He is having a laugh
  4. There is an entirely different explanation

Let that be your weekend conundrum.
No morning run for me – off to Adidas this afternoon.
The feeling of violation remains like a bad after-taste.


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Chris Barrow

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