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There’s a great piece of software that I installed on my laptop about 3 months ago and has paid for itself over and over. You can find it at and its called XoftSpy.
I’m no techie so if I get the words wrong I’m sorry but basically all it does is a regular scan each day (I can decide when) that removes all those nasty little bits of Spyware, Adware, Malware, W32/Spybot, Keyloggers, Unwanted Toolbars, Browser Hijacking, Pop-up Generators – and the like, that mysteriously attach themselves to your computer as you browse the web.
First time I ran it there were literally about 300 of the blighters in my system and, until recently, I was shifting a further 6-10 each 24 hours – and that’s in spite of the usual virus-checkers, firewalls and all that jazz that I’ve accumulated over the years.
I say until recently because, on an ezine recommend, I took a calculated risk (as I saw it) and installed Mozilla Firefox as my internet browser, to replace Internet Explorer that’s been there since Bill Gates was a lad.
Firefox is free, easy to install (must be because I did it), faster, funkier and has considerably reduced the number of those gremlins because most of them are looking for IE to infect.
I suppose I should also take the opportunity to mention that my virus-checker is unorthodox. I use “avast!” offered at; its working really well and doesn’t seem to have the conflict problems I’ve experienced over the years with Norton and other stuff you buy off the shelves.
I may be tempting fate here but this combination of programmes has created a trouble-free and speedy environment for my virtual business.
Oh – and by the way – I’m not signed into any affiliate deals with these people – its just a recommend.


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