Reactivating dormant treatment plans

Here’s a little letter that I ran off before breakfast this morning in answer to a cry for help:

Dear Mr___________


A chance to complete your dental treatment


We see from our records that you have items of dental treatment that have not yet been completed.


We understand that sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances there can be a delay before some of our patients are able to return to have their dental treatment completed, and that the reasons for such a delay can include:


1.    Concerns (particularly in these times of “credit crunch”) about the costs and how to pay them;

2.    Fears that the treatment itself may be uncomfortable or painful;

3.    Apprehension that we may be angry with you because you haven’t been back to us;

4.    Confusion as to what was originally agreed — you are not the dentist and the explanation that you were originally given may be a hazy memory.


The purpose of this letter is to invite you back to see us and discuss any concerns you may have.


1.    We can arrange interest-free payments to spread the cost of treatment;

2.    We can explain how our procedures will minimise or eliminate any discomfort;

3.    We are not annoyed!

4.    We are happy to answer questions and explain procedures again.


The original estimate of fees that were provided to you can only be held for a period of three months from the date of your consultation after which it will subject to reevaluation.


If you call before ______ to continue treatment then we can hold the original price.


We would love to complete your treatment and give you the smile that you deserve.


Please contact our reception team who will be happy to arrange an appointment


Yours Sincerely




XYZ Dental




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Chris Barrow

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