Nanny McPhee

I took my two daughters to see the movie last night – it didn’t really grab me but I was thinking about the “lessons” that she teaches the children in her care and (as always) the metaphor in life:
1. Go to bed when you are told (turn off the darn TV and get some decent sleep – I’ve been really good at this recently and the sleep is working wonders);
2. Get up when you are told (suits me, I’m an early starter and like to hit the ground running at 6.00am each morning – the first 90 minutes are crucial);
3. Get dressed when you are told (recently, I’ve killed off the “man in black” because I got tired of that workshop uniform. My sponsors at a recent live event expressed their disappointment that I wasn’t dressed professionally enough for them – lesson – I can dress how I like at my own gigs but not at others);
4. Listen. Say no more – as I coach it’s what I must do – but I am also presently learning to listen to myself as well as others. To listen to my body, mind and spirit and to learn from what they are telling me;
5. Do exactly as you are told. Just follow the instructions in those professional and personal self-help books. Don’t be afraid of getting help and enrolling help. There is little new to learn on the road to success – so just follow the instructions and, most importantly of all, keep it simple.
Finally, Nanny McPhee tells the children, “when you need me but don’t want me, I will stay – but when you want me and don’t need me I must go”.
A mission statement for a coach perhaps?


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