Lifecycle Marketing in Dentistry – the movie

I’m pleased with the response to my presentation on Lifecycle Marketing in Dentistry, given at the Practice Plan Practice Management Conference.

For those of you who are members of Dentinal Tubules – the Manchester presentation was filmed by those clever folks at JSP Media Group (get your web site video created by them!) and has been nicely edited to cover me and my Keynote slides.

Here’s everything we know in September 2015, condensed into one hour. A valuable resource for team training.

I was delighted to read this review by Mandar Joglekar from India this morning:

Just watched the Lifecycle marketing lecture by Chris Barrow on dentinal tubules for the third time. Sharing the thoughts for my dentist friends.

Lifecycle marketing is a school of thought or a philosophy in marketing which involves seven basic steps of marketing. All these seven steps look simple, logical and easy at start. But as he deconstructs each step, it gets interestingly complex and exciting.

He applies the principles of lifecycle marketing to dental practices and creates a beautiful workflow which covers each and every aspect of dental marketing we should know. He divides the processes into – ‘to be done by actual persons’ and ‘to be done by machines’.

Chris emphasises that marketing is storytelling. People are less interested in the new gadgets you have but they are more interested in stories which tell about how you brought change in the life of a certain patient. Stories connect people.

He discusses in detail about attracting people to your website, get their e-mail and get permission to keep them posted, nurture the relation, convert patient, deliver great service, bring them back for further treatment and ask for referrals. Sounds easy but it involves many small steps and communication skills, soft skills of the whole team.

Here I must share the example Chris gives about a long term nurture to a potential client through email communication and how that customer contacted after 17 years. Great story.

Before listening to this lecture, there was a doubt in my mind about the need and effective use of these marketing principles in a small city in India where I practice dentistry for last 17 years. Many questions I had– Is it really for me ? Are these concepts only for the developed western world? As I watched, I found most of these things are possible in my practice with minor changes.

The speed at which digital world is changing is tremendous and the marketing of dental practice involves many processes which require web communication options, social media, smartphones, emails and telephonic communications skills. No one can afford not to market their practice in the digital world.

Please don’t miss this lecture on Dentinal Tubules. You won’t know how quickly those 65 minutes will pass. He is excellent communicator, funny (Listen to him as a nasty receptionist on phone) and motivates to implement these concepts.

Thanks Dhru Shah for making this lecture available on tubules. If one hour lecture video motivates me like this, I can’t imagine what will happen when I attend two full days course of Chris Barrow at my city Pune during DCUK India accelerator program in early 2016. Thanks Manish Chitnis for bringing Chris here. Looking forward to meeting and learning from Chris Barrow himself.
Cheers .


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