How to use risk reversal to persuade more clients to have tooth implants

Guest blog by Mark Pocock, 
If your dental practice is trying to get more tooth implant patients here’s something you need to know.
As you’re probably aware when a seller and a customer come together, one side always ends up shouldering the risk. And in the majority of cases, it’s the potential customer who shoulders the risk.
This is a BIG mistake.
You see, you, as a seller knows all about what you’re selling; the benefits. BUT the potential customer does NOT. The customer does not know if what they’re buying will work for them. The question going through their mind is: “Will this really do what it says it will?” You see, your customer has bought things before which haven’t done what they said they’d do. So the customer wants to make sure they’re not going to make a mistake and waste their money again. To borrow a slogan from a well-known gardening ad – will it do what it says on the tin?
So how can you overcome your buyer’s hesitation in your dental practice? Well let’s take tooth implants as an example. Here’s a strategy I got one of my dental clients to adopt. Picture this; You’ve got a client who is ideal for tooth implants. They’ve either got missing teeth or they dislike wearing dentures. And they can afford to pay for tooth implants.
So you explain the benefits of tooth implants to the client. They won’t have any missing teeth. They’ll be able to smile confidently. No need to wear false teeth.

Why dental clients don’t buy

But there’s an inner dialogue running through your client’s mind.
“Will this work for me?”
“What if it goes wrong?”
“Will I have wasted my money?”
All these thoughts are making your client hesitate. So here’s what you say to them:
“Mr Client, I’m going to remove any financial risk to you when you decide to have a tooth implant.
I’m going to put the tooth implant in, and this will be entirely at my own risk. If the implant does not ‘take’ the first time then I’ll do the implant procedure again at my expense. And if that implant still does not take, then it won’t have cost you a single penny. What this means is you either get a new tooth or it costs you nothing.”
Now you probably know what your success rate is with tooth implants. It’s probably above 95%. So for 9 out of 10 people the tooth implants are going to be a success. And only one tooth implant will fail.
But the one failure will be far out-weighed by the EXTRA number of clients who’ll want tooth implants, once you’ve explained risk removal to them.
See, you want your customer to think “I simply can’t lose here.”

But that’s not all…

Suppose you were to then to offer a guarantee with your tooth implants. After all, according to a spokesperson for the American Dental Association as long as the patient is healthy and has great bone health and very good home care, an implant can last a lifetime.
You could build in a condition with the guarantee if you want. “Mr Client as long as you come in for a twice a year check-up, then I will guarantee your tooth implant for x number of years. This means if you have any problem with your tooth implant in this time I will sort it out for free. It won’t cost you a single penny.
Do you see what you’ve done? Your client cannot lose anything by having tooth implants done by you.
You’ve now presented an irresistible offer to your client. You’re removed the barrier to doing business with you. The more you can eliminate the barrier, the greater the number of customers who will buy from you.
What’s more, your client won’t think twice about having additional tooth implants in the future.
So why does risk reversal work? It works because you’re transferring control from the seller to the buyer. And as people, we all like to be in control.
But does offering risk reversal and guarantees really generate more sales?
Well, the dental clients I’ve worked with have never run any ads or sales letters without risk reversal and guarantees. Why? Because it would be like sending out soldiers to fight with bows and arrows and tell them to go up against again armoured tanks. Why would you not use your strongest weapons in any marketing piece? It would be silly not to use all the weapons at your disposal.
So use risk reversal and guarantees in your practice and see if it helps to persuade more of your clients to have tooth implants.
Mark Pocock is a direct response copywriter/marketing consultant who uses low cost methods to generate more leads, more customers and more sales for clients. Go to to get his FREE report: 49 Ways To Increase Your Response FromYour Sales Letters, Web Pages & Ads.


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