Having the confidence to make hiring decisions – because you know your numbers

Bringing on board a new member of staff. I used the monthly profit and loss statements to my advantage in bringing on a new receptionist. I was reluctant to do this at first because I always thought about whether we would be spending too much and be overstaffed. However I was able to see that we were consistently under the 17.5% benchmark for salary so I asked the accountant to work in a hypothetical new staff member and we were still just under. This gave me the reassurance and confidence to take on board a new member of staff, which has now proved to be quite productive as I notice more things getting done! 

So thanks for that as without the understanding of the accounts I wouldn’t have been brave enough to make that decision.

A 2019 client

Knowing your numbers (and knowing how you compare with industry benchmarks) gives you the confidence to make decisions.

The above quotation from a client is reproduced anonymously but with consent as an extract from a weekly progress report completed last Friday.

Understanding your practice finances is one of the core components of my coaching programmes with clients, whether they are attending my year-long workshop programme and/or working face to face.

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The Benefits:

  • Understanding your profit & loss statement;
  • Identifying how to measure your Key Performance Indicators;
  • Benchmarks for performance (as in the above quotation);
  • How to create budget and cash flow forecasts;
  • Measuring associate productivity and profitability;
  • Understanding the significance of OCPSPD (operating cost per surgery per day);
  • Accurate pricing;
  • Tips and tricks to ethically maximise profit.

The Features:

  • 2hrs 49 minutes of me on video (in 10 modules), explaining every step of the process;
  • 30 learning resources, including slides, infographics and Excel templates;
  • automated verifiable CPD.

The Money Course will be of use to owners and managers who want a better understanding of the numbers – as a training and/or refresher course for anyone who wants to get confident about practice finances.

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