I can't get Dr Michael Mosley out of my mind

I can’t get Michael Mosley out of my mind.  It started with the excellent Horizon programme which was broadcast but not totally lost during the Olympics last year.
My girlfriends and I chatted about the programme and the lovely Dr.
I didn’t take any action.
I had a cholesterol check with my own Dr last Autumn.  My level is the national average so that ain’t great.  Do you know what yours is?
I still didn’t take any action.
Christmas came and went and more lbs were added to the 10-14 lbs I really need to lose!
I bought The Fast Diet book in the first week of January.  The whole world buys diet books and signs up to a gym in January.
I still didn’t take any action – partly because I was diverted by another friend’s juicing and detox regime.
The good Dr keeps popping up though.  And it’s a good job that he does.
On the One Show last week.  On Steve Wright on Radio 2 this week. What’s more, he is so engaging and what both he and Mimi Spencer advocate is inspiring, makes medical sense and appears to beat every other diet I’ve tried.  I can lose weight but like most people I can’t keep the weight off.
I’m committed to climbing Kilimanjaro in 2014 for Bridge2Aid* so with Dr Michael and Mimi keeping me on track I will climb that mountain carrying fewer lbs I’m sure.
I will keep you posted on my progress because today my day started with a fast day.  Porridge, banana and hot water with a slice of lemon!
*www.bridge2aid.org is a dental charity based in East Africa.


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