Does Facebook advertising really work for dental practices?

I’m frequently contacted by people who have products and services of relevance to my clients. For over 20+ years I have maintained a policy that I do not accept introducers fees or commissions – I simply broadcast and comment on good ideas.

A great live webinar with Mike Auton from Magna Marketing Solutions for The Extreme Business Academy on Monday night.

This now forms part of our September membership collateral.

Mike accepted the challenge to put his head firmly in the lion’s mouth  and join me in front of a live audience of Academy members to answer the ultimate question:

“Does Facebook advertising really work for dental practices?”

He bravely and eloquently answered some searching questions from me, based upon my historic experience of clients who have invested in Facebook advertising and are either clueless or disappointed at the Return on Investment.

  • How do I know whether leads generated are qualified or not?
  • Agencies claim to drive traffic – but isn’t that traffic next to useless unless your have trained and competent people on telephony to deal with enquiries?
  • Why Facebook really exists – to entertain – to keep you there – and then to make money – and how to harness that for your practice;
  • How to qualify for an agency exactly the leads you are looking for;
  • What “competency in conversion” looks like;
  • The perfect Agency/Client Partnership

Mike also went on to make an ambitious offer – that he would work with 3 Academy members on a “zero fee” basis to prove his concept and his systems.

You cannot beat a freelancer who is prepared to put his money where his mouth is.

If you are an exiting Academy member, you can access that interview right now in September’s membership content, along with a Colin Campbell interview on “Building the 100-year practice”, a tutorial with me on “Adding life to your treatment plans using PowerPoint” and a bonus interview with Mark Topley on “The importance of CSR in your practice and how to get started”.

If you haven’t yet become an Academy member – for just £260 per year (yes – that’s per year) (or the equivalent in your currency) you can access the complete 6 months back catalogue of interviews and tutorials and also unlock a 3-hour training course for your team on internal marketing.

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