Back from The Dentistry Show

although it is supposed to be a day off…..

I’m in The Bunker working my way through the meetings, business cards and notes taken – and realising that The Show was a huge networking success.

The innovation in dentistry is in:

  • cloud-based support systems – across compliance, financial management, performance metrics and the patient experience
  • computerised dentistry – CAD-CAM – technology
  • new clinical products that are geared towards cosmetics
  • aggregation of resources so that individual practitioners have a series of “one-stop shops” from whom they can buy services and support at competitive prices – either from the UK or overseas
  • corporates developing into true companies – I was hugely impressed by my conversations with the IDH team at The Show – their innovation in remuneration packages, clinical career pathway and their new Academy speak of a company that is really going places. There are others like Oasis and who I predict are going to evolve a great deal in the next year
  • retailers moving in on the act – supermarkets and healthcare providers bringing cosmetic dentistry to a mass audience

My independent clients need not worry – there will always be a place for you – at the top end only though!

It is also clear to me that the only way to get wealthy in dentistry is to either:

  • own a chain of 50 or more practices
  • own a supply company with 1000 or more customers

Dentistry itself is a good lifestyle business – but it is not a good way of getting wealthy – unless you are very lucky.

For me personally – very good emotions at The Show.

Strange to be “off stage” for the first time in three years and not be compering or speaking – but a nice rest from it.

Strange to reflect that I co-launched a new business here a year ago – and, after a sudden and very “public” demise, launched another one this time around – how time flies and how plans change.

“People have the right to think whatever they want to think. The whole point of music is that you have a vision of what you like. I can go to a concert that maybe I will not like but another person can react in a different way – and that is the beauty of our art. I love that. We don’t have to think in the same way as each other. We only have to respect and understand each other.”

Gustavo Dudamel – musician and conductor – 2013

Rather bemused by the reaction of many well-wishers.

I remarked to a friend that at times I felt like a recently released hostage from a Middle-Eastern kidnap crisis.

Lots of people slapping me on the back, expressing well-wishes and asking if I would be permanently scarred by the experience?

“Are you OK?”

I suppose being frequently told I have lost too much weight didn’t help.

I would just like to say that the last year has been a blast and 363 days of thrills, spills, laughter and fun – with, perhaps, 2 days that I could have done without. But all in all, I have no regrets – and I really must point out that I’m alive, fit, well, excited and ready for the next chapter of the story.

You all know that we soft-launched 7connections at The Show.

Our new team of 7 are energised, inspired and full of new ideas about how we can take our original vision forward to the next level – passion is our favourite word right now. The team spirit and the love, trust and respect that we have for each other is a triumph over adversity. I’m very proud of that.

The coming weeks are about continuing our services to clients, creating a new web site, social media profile, blog, product mix, marketing material, business plans, templates, spreadsheets and so on.

We plan to have most of that ready for early April – and so we may not be too visible until then (busy back-stage) but chatting to our own suppliers at The Show was inspirational.

We fully intend to make a massive difference to the clients we work with and the businesses we engage.

Judging from the business cards I’m working through – we are going to be busy helping others to realise their full potential.


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Chris Barrow

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