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I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised by this year’s Private Dentistry Awards at The Intercontinental on Friday afternoon.
The venue and catering – quite excellent – and a trip down memory lane as I used to enjoy black-tie dinners in the same room as a budding consultant for Hambro Life in the early 80’s!
The “gig” was a bunch of fun – and you have to know that “posh dinners” are way down my list of preferred activities.
I was there as a guest of Harry Singh and team from Aesthetics – who went on to win Best Practice Marketing 2008, as well as runners-up certificates in three other categories.
I am truly delighted for Harry, Smita, Marian and Jenna, a text-book example of how to launch a private squat, even in current economic conditions – and the awards are a fitting tribute to Harry’s bravery and the talent of the whole crew.
A tribute also to the support team of external consultants that Harry hired early on to ensure his success:

  1. Me, of course (blushes) and my support team at The Dental Business School and Breathe Business
  2. Kate Adam – marketing consultancy
  3. Alex Nicolaou – web design
  4. Gary Bettis – practice interior design

Also there, former client Clare Chavasse and her boys ands girls from Titchfield Dental Health, picking up a well-deserved “best team” award.
I bumped into a few other former clients and friends who were not lucky enough to go home with a prize – Marcos White from The Courtyard (fantastic marketing), Mark, Peter and Amanda from Quality Orthodontics (great teamwork), Michael Cahill from Cahill Dental Care (all round brilliance in private practice).
One or two disappointed faces I have to say – but the secret is to see the various awards ceremonies in the correct perspective:

  • if you enter multiple categories you increase your chances
  • if you enter every year you will win eventually
  • if you take your team it may be the first/only chance they have had for a “posh dinner” in a swanky London hotel
  • as a team event it will create stories and legends that will maintain moral during the inevitable grey days
  • irrespective on “winning” anything – stretching yourself to enter creates business improvement and team spirit

After the lunch itself, literally hundreds of people descended to the bar at The Intercontinental and The Met Bar across the road. I’ll keep the photographs to myself 😉
Congratulations to the team at FMC for a sparkling success.
Off to Leicester in December for the Dentistry Awards.
Are you planning a competition entry for 2009?


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