A new feature on Facebook

The Facebook layout of business pages have changed and will come into effect on 1st March. I asked my social media manager, Brendon Macdonald, to explain a bit more about it.
So what’s different?

  • Your business page now matches your user profile layout
  • Your page’s wall, info, and third-party tab applications are now on the left side of the page beneath the profile picture
  • Pages will have the option to ‘Like’ other pages
  • You can now see mutual friends and interests panel in the top right corner displaying the friends who also Like the page, and the Likes the user and the page have in common
  • You now can change your business category (useful for some as when they set up chose wrong option)
  • You can now comment as your page on Facebook (rather than yourself) – but looks like you can only do this on other pages
  • You can now use Facebook as your page and switch between your user profile and page
  • And there are now featured photos above the feed, as with personal profiles
  • You can turn on email notifications to alert you to activity on your page

I think it’s a good upgrade but it does mean that the customised tabs will now be used less as they are no longer front and centre – but as always Content is King and Engagement is Ace!
1-Photo strip above the Wall (with the most recent photos you posted or tagged) TIP: To optimize your photos size them to 96x67px in order to fit in the space provided and plan for them to be in random order.
2-Tabs move over to the left panel, in the form of a list (maximum of 6 above the fold)
3-Profile picture reduced from 200 x 600 pixels to 180 x 540
4-Blurb box that was below the Page picture moved to info tab
5-Pages can Like other pages, not just favourite them
6-Featured Pages and Admins
7-Page category
8-Choice for Wall posts between “Everyone” and Page posts only
9-Mutual Friends and Interests section


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Chris Barrow

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