A month of travel begins

It’s rather daunting to realise that I’ll be leaving Falmouth at lunchtime today (Saturday) and will spend perhaps 3 or 4 days here in the next month if I’m lucky.

  1. It’s conference season and, as well as the BADN tomorrow morning, I’ll be co-presenting with Simon at the BACD in London next weekend;
  2. It’s harvest time – the busiest period of the year, when we are inviting our 2008 clients to join us;
  3. I just happen to be co-launching Breathe Business at the same time!
  4. And we have a full itenary of marketing workshops, practice visits and other client meetings – not a space in the diary until late December.

I could get “down” about it – bemoan the fact that I’ll soon be waking in the dark and walking into walls as I attempt to reach yesterday’s bathroom in today’s hotel.
But actually, I’m really jazzed and looking forward to what the next 30 days will bring – especially in terms of new client recruitment.
We have been offering places in the Breathe Business Club and Breathe Bespoke services to existing clients this week – and the take-up has been extremely positive. I am already sold out on Bespoke next year – that’s the clients who want me to work with them in-practice – we allocated 9 places in my 2008 diary and I have “sold” 11 places, much to the consternation of the team, who are trying to make that all fit in the diary.
Simon has 14 places available for 1:1 coaching and has already agreed 6 of them – it’s a stunning resultfor us both, bearing in mind the substantial financial investment that the clients are making.
Alun Rees, our practice analyst, is seeing his diary fill with single-day practice audits – Breathe Analysis.
We expect 90 practices to join the Breathe Business Club – that’s 15 in each of 6 locations – and in our first week of marketing I’m delighted to say that we have confirmed places from 14 clients and strong interest from another 13 – that’s almost a third of the way to our target – before we start our conference tour and official launch.
On Thursday I saw the proofs of our new literature – business referral cards, product and service portfolio and other items – hats off to our branding agency Absolute – they look fantastic.
So I’m going to pack my bags now and leave at lunchtime for the first leg of this mammoth journey – Cornwall to Milton Keynes – hopefully in time to catch Strictly Come Dancing this evening!
And as a post script – popped over to see Ashley Latter yesterday afternoon and he looked a lot better – and told me he wasn’t going to drive all the way home last night – so I was wrong. It’s good to see him healthy again.
These are heady days – I’ll keep you posted on the Breathe “scores on the doors”.


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