How to make 50% net profit as a dentist

A client call last night as I spend 7 hours battling north through traffic — client looking at buying a full NHS practice — UDA contract value is £400k and a corporate have offered 115% — cash up front and the partners can walk away (They will find immigrant dentists to do the “work” – see below for a definition of what that work might be).
The real scandal is the existing owners — guys in their early 50’s.
They have sales of £400k (just the NHS work) and Net Profit Before Tax of £200k!
How do they do that?
Lab fees FOR THE YEAR were £4,000.
They are doing hardly any dentistry at all — just endless check ups.
Day in day out — check ups with no treatment.
My client has seen some of their their patients — mouths in a mess.
The Government (PCT) send the cheque and get the tick — the dentist banks the cheque — the patients’ are walking around with rotten teeth and gums in blissful ignorance until something goes badly wrong.
Government-sponsored supervised neglect — absolute scandal.
My client wants to buy the list (the patients) and spend the next 5 years getting all the patients fit after a private conversion — has offered to match the price and they will take his offer “because he is a local dentist” — he gets a goldmine provided he can get the language right around “your last dentist was a criminal but I’m going to sort you out” — this is always a problem because the patients think the world of “old Mr Bloggs who never used to hurt me”. 


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